4 Reasons Why Your Job is a Part of Your “Big Picture”

“No its not a dead end. Your Job is actually part of your BIG PICTURE.”

Salute Warriors!!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend, living to you greatest potential and striving after your dreams!

Every week it seems like I live through new experiences, meet interesting people and have the honour to be used to change a generation.

Last week I had the privilege of speaking to a great team of individuals from the Wheels Group, one of North America’s largest 3rd Party Logistics companies, who was consistently recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Private Companies before joining the TSX-venture in 2012.

I was invited to encourage and motivate this particular team to help them see their day to day job differently whether they loved it or just tolerated it.

But why was this necessary? While there are a lot of people who love their job, there are many who see their 9 to 5 as a dead end. They don’t see it as something to get worked up about daily. So they suffer through it and live for the weekend, and come back Monday to do it all over again.

When people just try to get by everyday, they are missing one truly important truth – Purpose.

Everyone of us has a Purpose in life. I know that can sound cliche, but the problem is many don’t know it or see it even though it is right in front of them.

Your job may not seem like much compared to others who may have the look of achieving more than you, but once you realize your present situation is all a part of the plan, you’ll be closer to reaching your destiny or destination you saw for yourself.


“Mundane people find reason to complain about repetitive work. Motivated people look for ways everyday to do the same job better.”


I had a lot to say that day to the Wheels Group team, but here are 4 Reasons Why Your Job is a Part of Your “Big Picture” of your life.

1.Don’t disregard your everyday work just because it may not be your passion. Mundane people find reason to complain about repetitive work. Motivated people look for ways everyday to do the same job better. They realize this is an opportunity to gain skills that can be transferred to other pursuits in the future.

2.Do remember you are apart of a team that needs your experience and expertise. Whatever big dreams you have for your future, you will almost always need people around you to accomplish it. Learning each day to work with others more effectively and understanding the value you personally bring to the team, will aid you in valuing others you work with.

3.Strive to be better than good, don’t get comfortable. As mention in my first point, always seek to become a better version of yourself right where you are today. You could be working at the most dry, redundant, repetitive industry in North America today, but if everyday you seek to learn something new or find a better or more efficient way of getting tasks done, your job will look more like an opportunity and less of a prison.

4.Be present….always. Your everyday job is training for your passion driven calling. Sometimes training sucks! No…its sucks all the time! But seriously a lot of what I’ve accomplished in the last 10 years is attributed to skills learned while working for other companies before I become an entrepreneur. Don’t disregard even the simplest of duties. Every skill learned is significant in its own way and can help you on your way to not just reaching, but also living out your dreams.

So set your alarm, and wake up to the new reality of your current working situation. It’s not all as bad as you see it. Actually its not bad at all. It’s an opportunity. Rehearsal before the show. Practice before the game. Part of the “Big Picture” of your life of Purpose.


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