It’s no secret that I’ve wanted to venture out and start a podcast for some time now.

As most of you know podcasts are a great way to stimulate conversation and engage in enlightened discussions on topics relevant to our culture today.

Well, today is a good day to announce what I’ve been working for the past few months: The launch of my very own podcast “Cocktails with Kamshuka” coming this Fall.

I know you’ll have questions about it, but before you do, here are 5 Things To Get You Excited About My New Podcast:

I’ll unleash a fabulous episode each month for you to download and listen to! Cocktails with Kamshuka will be available on iTunes and most major podcast outlets online. Producing my episodes monthly will give you the opportunity to listen to it a few times and share with friends, family and coworkers!


“I’m preparing to go deep and pull out some fresh material to bring to the table.” – Kamshuka


Get ready for interesting takes on topics that some may see as too “tabu” to talk about. This won’t be your grandmother’s podcast. I’m preparing to go deep and pull out some fresh material to bring to the table.

Each episode will feature an interesting personality who will join the conversation. Having different perspectives at the table always provides a objective point of view for you the listener. I promise to have guests that will bring intriguing and intellectual thoughts and opinions to the table.

I’ll answer the questions you’ve always wanted to ask me (well, as many as possible!). Since this podcast is really about you, I’ll have a segment called “Ask Kamshuka” where I’ll read and answer your questions during the show. This is an opportunity for you to send in your questions on business, balance, life, relationships, and anything else you wanna know. Start sending your emails today to

There will be a few surprises along the way! Of course I can’t give everything away about the podcast now! But what I can say is that there will be some very awesome things in store for loyal listeners to Cocktails with Kamshuka. 

Stay tuned for the launch date which I’ll be revealing in the next few weeks!

Until next time Warriors, stay fierce!




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