Dreams don’t have an expiry date.

The only expiry date that comes with dreams are that of the opinions of those who we may carelessly in excitement share our dreams with. Since before 2010 Amoye Henry has had a dream to cultivate an event that would bring art, culture & wellness. Fields of Dreams are beautiful insights into the minds of beautiful souls who have the desire to take you to a place they know you will grow from. Years later & yet another year this July 14th & July 15th was nothing short of the experience. The experience was felt as we came up the elevators and into the room. Filled with greenery and nature embracing our sense, we wanted to dwell on the moment just a little longer before pulling out devices and sharing the experience with those not there.

Lights, box lights, media stations, VIP sections, zen spaces, sounds, sights, arts & beautiful black people. Did I mention how deep the melanin ran? So deep it was so breathtaking; each person adorned in confidence and pride. It was like our very own Wakanda. A place where we are all royalty, all beautiful inside and out, all forgiving, all at peace and all smiling. It’s like we all knew each other. Families of friends and families of strangers. We all and I mean I am certain every single person gasped in honor of the moment as we stood taking it all in.
Beautiful souls of people, fashion, music and of all there was a special guest “DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Ms ErykahBadu graced this event with her presence on both days. Dreams are tricky sometimes because they only happen if you happen. You have to be persistent enough to make it happen. For such a powerful soul like Erykah Badu to take up space and bless her audience must mean someone had to dream and demanded reality to come from it.

After taking in all the beauty this event had to offer I started to focus on the how; how did this become a reality? I received the answers the very next day as Ms Erykah Badu sat down for a very intimate talk. Once again the room dull or beautiful intelligent black people ready to hear from this soul. One of the questions she was asked was “how did you transition? what’s next for you?” It was clear that she didn’t didn’t see herself in transition but more on purpose aligned with her dreams. She spoke of flowing like water and finding your purpose through the flow.

I took away the similarities I noticed in the empowered women I encountered at this event. These women were empowered to make they’re dreams come to pass, dedicating their lives to ushering people into a state of new levels. All while promoting and embracing wellness. Congrats Amoye Henry for this next level event that had everyone talking and feel so refreshed from. Cheers to empowered women actually empower through their actions. Dreams are like sunflowers, always face the light and never let the shadows discourage you.



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