One of the most discouraging trends in our culture today are the limits we put on ourselves based on the simple digits calculated from our Birth Certificate.

16 “I’m too young.”

59 “I’m too old.”

25 “I’m not experienced enough.”

37 “Its too late for me…..”

The greatest revelation in your life is the realization that numbers don’t equal set backs, but numbers actually create opportunities. Whatever age you are at this moment is the perfect time for you to step into your destiny. The call on your life is greater than anyone else’s idea timeline, including your own.

So NO, you’re not “too young, too old, not experienced enough and it’s definitely NOT TOO LATE!!”

In 5 days, on 7.17.17, I’ll be a fabulous 37 years old. Not only do I celebrate my life’s victories, all that I have overcome, but I celebrate with you and what you’re about to step into right at this moment in time! You Birth Certificate has no hold on your present and your future!

So this is ME! Kamshuka at 37, fire & ice all in one. More fierce and more fabulous than ever.


Photo Credit: Captured by Shani; Make-up by Faces by Pureness

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